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House of Herrera

The Dynasty

The Herrera Family is a longstanding patrimony of Spanish nobility that gained prominence in the 14th century. The family is notably distinguished as landowners, lords, conquerors, merchants and later, bankers with unbound influence in Spain, the Canaries, Latin America, Germany and England. The House of Herrera was established as a deference to the trust and responsibilities warranted over centuries of partnerships. 

House of

The Herrera family has been known since the 14th century mainly for acts of bravery that have earned them titles and conquests over the generations. The family has exerted a strong military and political influence, and is imbued with traditions and values that endure today. Over the course of seven centuries, the Herrera family has played a key role in the development of finance, commerce and fashion in Spain, North and Latin America, and more recently in the UK and beyond.

The Herrera family has had a pivotal influence on Latin American and Caribbean history and has especially influenced the Latin American Banking & Real Estate industry since 14th century with the founding of Hacienda La Vega (1590) and in the late 19th century (1890) with the founding of Banco Caracas by Julio César Velutini Couturier, who chaired Banco Caracas until 1930.

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