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Agustin De Herrera 
Y Rojas Ayala

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House of Herrera

1 5 6 9  -  1 6 3 2

A descendant of King Diego Garcia de Herrera y Ayala,

Agustin was the first in the family to receive the title of Count of Lanzarote,

created by King Philip II in 1548, in his favour,

which was later elevated to the title of Marquis (1567)

to reward him for his services rendered to the Kingdom.


This honorary title refers to the Canary Island of Lanzarote.

Agustin was commissioned by King Philip to conquer territories in

Latin America on behalf of the Spanish Crown.


Agustin de Herrera y Rojas Ayala quickly became a trusted member of the

Royal Council, and this certitude elevated his family to become one of the richest

and the most influential families in South America and the Caribbean.

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